Course Status

From 8th August  to 17th August 2016.  

The course is open, however, the green keeping staff have cored and topdressed the greens with sand.  This is an essential annual maintenance operation carried out by all golf courses to aerate the growing medium and remove thatch which is dead grass and material which if left leads to poor drainage and disease.  

Until Wednesday 17th August a reduced green fee is in place to compensate for the effected putting surfaces.  The reduction is £5.00 per person at all times of the day and week.  

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Par 4 Yards 333 Stroke 15

Hole Eighteen

Par 4Yards 333Stroke 15
“With the clubhouse just visible from the tee, this dog leg left is bordered by rough, trees and large bunkers. Whilst you may be tempted to cut corners best to stay safe on the fairway for a winner's finish.”

Mark Sanders

P.G.A. Professional