Course Status

From 8th August  to 17th August 2016.  

The course is open, however, the green keeping staff have cored and topdressed the greens with sand.  This is an essential annual maintenance operation carried out by all golf courses to aerate the growing medium and remove thatch which is dead grass and material which if left leads to poor drainage and disease.  

Until Wednesday 17th August a reduced green fee is in place to compensate for the effected putting surfaces.  The reduction is £5.00 per person at all times of the day and week.  

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by Stockwood

on Sat July 22, 2017

Attracting more juniors and families to golf

Stockwood Vale Golf Club has applied for planning permission for an 18 hole adventure golf course which will be located at the top end of the overflow car park.  This is part of the club's early stage plan to help attract more juniors and families to golf.  

We are accutely mindful of the fact that should the project proceed we will need to take considered measures to ensure that the adventure golf does not adversely impact on the existing golf facilities.

Further updates will be released towards the end of 2017 or at the begining of 2018.

Michael Ramsay (Owner of Stockwood Vale Golf Club)

by Stockwood

on Sat July 1, 2017

by Stockwood

on Wed May 3, 2017

Reconstruction of the two 17th Tees

We are pleased to annouce that M J Abbot Limited Specialist Construction have rebuilt both the 17th Tees.  The tees wil re-open week commencing 12th June.

Stockwood Vale have re-built six tees over the last six months which include: two tees on the 2nd, one tee on the 8th, one on the 16th and these two tees on the 17th. 


by Stockwood

on Wed April 19, 2017

Easter congratulations to Mike Sheppard.

Congratulation to Mike Sheppard (7 day Gold member) who has won the Easter 2017 Lions Club of Keynsham Charity draw and a huge chocolate Easter egg!  The charity raised £100 from all those who entered the draw.  The Lions club serves the local community in many ways including: the purchase of hospital and hospice equipment; assistance for the elderly and help for those with disabilities.

by Stockwood

on Wed March 22, 2017

Wish you were here?

This photograph was taken on Tuesday 21st March 2017 at 8.30am.