Course Status

From 8th August  to 17th August 2016.  

The course is open, however, the green keeping staff have cored and topdressed the greens with sand.  This is an essential annual maintenance operation carried out by all golf courses to aerate the growing medium and remove thatch which is dead grass and material which if left leads to poor drainage and disease.  

Until Wednesday 17th August a reduced green fee is in place to compensate for the effected putting surfaces.  The reduction is £5.00 per person at all times of the day and week.  

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by Stockwood

on Fri December 30, 2016

Mist on the 11th by Simon Hall

Our thanks to Simon Hall (Gold member) for this misty photograph today.

by Stockwood

on Tue December 20, 2016

Happy Christmas and New Year to our members!

So you know: We are half way through a two month long tree trimming exercise which will allow us to cut more rough amongst the trees in 2017.  The aim is to help you find stray balls quicker and speed up play.  The green staff have a long list of winter tasks which include: path repairs, fencing repairs, machinery servicing, painting and re-turfing.  In the new year we will be white lining the car park; re-painting the lobby areas; re-carpeting parts of the clubhouse and re-covering more soft furnishings.  As mentioned before: the 2nd right, the 8th, the 16th right and the 17th lower tees will all be re-built by contractors as soon as it is dry enough.   


by Stockwood

on Mon November 14, 2016

Tee reconstruction and winter maintenance

The same contractor who rebuilt and re-levelled tees on the 6th, 9th, 11th and 12th earlier this year will rebuild one tee each on the 2nd, 8th, 16th and 17th in the spring.  The contractor has laser activated levelling equipment which ensures a perfect surface.  The left tee on the 2nd is being re-built by our staff.  The green staff have a long list of  winter maintenance which covers everything from paths, tree work, reducing rough, fencing, painting to machinery maintenance.    

by Stockwood

on Wed October 26, 2016

Members raised £14,342 for three charities in 2016

During 2016 the members raised a huge £14,342 for the following three charities:

  1. £2,786 for Barnados raised by the Ladies Section
  2. £7,943 for St Peters Hospice raised by the Men's Section
  3. £3,612 for Childrens Hospice South West raised by the Senior's Section

Since 2005 Stockwood Vale's members have raised £114,400.  Click the attached Members' Charity Donations document for a breakdown of beneficiaries.  (Photograph is of the 9th green)